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Tunnel VSN is a Creative Arts company aiming to Shift Culture around the world through arts. We empower people to lead by being themselves, focusing in on their VSN, and showcasing to the world what it is they can do and not trying to imitate what someone else is doing. Through the arts we are building up and setting examples for the generations to come so they have something positive to mold themselves into, which is actually just themselves.

Tunnel VSN was founded by Dee Ace, Xavier “X” Eaves, and Chris “Juice” Johnson. Formed in Houston, TX, it has now expanded to Atlanta, GA and the DMV area with the VSN to make it global. Our current focuses are Dee Ace, who is a Hip Hop artist and producer out of Houston, TX. The Shift Culture blog along with our social media branding. As well as the Tunnel VSN clothing line.  Stay tuned for what our VSN has in store for the world. Explore and tell us what you think about our VSN.

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