In this era of uncertainty, it has become wearisome to remain optimistic and complacent. Somehow, Make It Out (Outro) x Brent Faiyaz has informally become the sound track to this movie called life. Our safe havens have been unexpectedly intruded and disturbed our calm. Many have passed on, jobs have been lost, money has been tight, and relationships are being questioned. The life experiences we looked forward to have been stripped of its value.  Insecurities and self-doubting may arise causing us to subtly pull away from loved ones, ourselves, and life. We are constantly trying to figure out “what should we do?” or “what can we do?” The answer is trust. As a noun, trust is defined as “the confident expectation of something or someone; hope.” For example, we trust people who are honest, effectively communicate, and have integrity. On the action level, trust involves doing something without fear and uncertainty. Ultimately, words and action have to correspond. Mistrust plays a dominant role in lives that have been affected by traumatic events and as a valid response for people who have been deceived. Trust is essential to the happiness of society. Without it all we have is fear.  

How to Maintain

  1. Refocus Your VSN. In the midst of confusion, it may be difficult to be still. Take this time to reevaluate and reconsider different perspectives. Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture and realize everything is not about us. This will help transform the uneasiness to something comforting despite the pain. You may be unemployed, but this may be your time to wind down or the chance to plan the business venture you’ve dreamed of. Maybe your significant other hasn’t been there for you like they used to or how you’d like them too. Literally, social distancing. This could be your moment to be there for yourself. We all need reassurance during this trying time and here it is…. Focus on what brings you joy.  
  1. Don’t Fret. Don’t let that critical inner voice be your destruction. When we doubt ourselves or situation, we are less likely to seek satisfaction. Resulting in the downfall of something genuine because of the anxiety that inner voice has created. In this case, the media may be that inner voice. Don’t let the media allow you to live in the constant state of fear or feeling of unworthiness. Be comfortable letting go of things that are out of your control.  
  1. Don’t Give Up. Just because the pieces don’t fit right now, doesn’t mean you won’t find the missing pieces. It will happen over time. It’s cliché, but everything happens for a reason. Often times it’s not meant for us to understand, but to just have patience.  

Although our circumstance may not be ideal right now, the mission is to keep pushing forward.  In this pandemic we not only have to trust others, but most importantly trust ourselves – and any higher being or entity you may believe in. Trust will help preserve love and overall personal well-being to help bring light to dark situations. 

– Rae


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