Gratitude List

Throughout the year, I’ve found myself hankering on beliefs that are ultimately nonessential. Being a millennial tends to correlate with a HEAVY impact on social media. And I honestly feel the weight on my shoulders. Majority of my thoughts consisted of “I want this,” “I want that,” and “Why hasn’t this happened?” Which have been driven by all of the ‘insight’ on social media. To be honest, typing that brought back some anxiety. Today, my devotion encouraged me to do a gratitude list and I did just that!  When writing this list, I realized half of the things I desired weren’t essential to my existence. I may not have a huge luxurious house but why do I need it? This spacious one-bedroom fits perfectly right now. I don’t have a Benz but at least I’m not walking. Even if I had to walk, I’m grateful to have the health and endurance to do so. No, I don’t have my dream career but I’ve had some minute happenings that will amplify into something major. This list opened my eyes too so much about myself. I realized how I taught myself to be disciplined by becoming a vegan. Also, I’ve spent more time embracing the beauty of nature and its healing properties and when I tell you my mind and body are thanking me for it!  I didn’t even think to write ‘money’ on my list –probably because I barely have any– because at the end of the day “you can’t take it when you leave” as my dad would say.  What’s important are the connections that we make and the impact we embed in the world. Continue to serve and share your wisdom with those around you. There’s no need to keep up with the trends! Your time will come sooner than you think if you invest in concepts of substance.  I want to challenge everyone to curate a gratitude list to realize all that you obtain, acknowledge your accomplishments, and to diminish your worry. 

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