The Eye of the Storm

The moment, in which, everything in life seems to be in turmoil – I’ve experienced – is the hardest time to tell yourself ‘be still’. If you can relate,  then you understand what it feels like to have despair & bad news hit from every which angle in every which way. Similar to a hurricane,  it seems to be picking up speed as it gathers more & more despair. For example, your car starts giving you trouble. Then, the bills start to pile up. Next, your family may be having issues. Throw some more weather terrain into that storm with things just not going your way & it just seems like every door, whether that’s a career opportunity or relationships with impactful people, seems to slam close. I would call that a category 5 if i had to classify the magnitude of that life storm impact as a series of events.

It’s a very lonely, cold & vulnerable place if you ever have seen it like myself, but for a person like me, I personally have to feel like I am fixing the things going wrong in my life. Selfishly, my default is reverting to over extending myself and doing whatever it takes to bring back balance & gain CTRL over my situations. In that latter statement, the life lesson I have learned that I have decided to share lies the key; to have control of your storm is to be still & know that one is not losing, rather change your perspective to focus on the learning lessons of this storm. Understanding that it is ultimately the moves one makes while in the eye of the storm that determines the future outcomes of our VSN.

Crazy how faith works. A wise person once said it only takes “faith the size of a mustard seed” to move mountains. It’s truly a law of nature one must understand, in that, whatever you truly believe is for you, will be for you. As the world turns everyday, there are days where I wake up finding it hard to believe in much. Yet, it is especially crucial on these days that I have to remind my self that greater is in store. Even when it doesn’t feel like it or in times you can’t always see, that silver lining is still there. The fog makes it so hard to see that those VSNs placed in your heart will ever come to pass. The power of faith, though, is being able to ENVSN your VSN through it all to encourage yourself. So never waiver, stay steadfast & unmovable, find your peace of mind within the eye of the storm through being still, and focus & dwell on that VSN for it will guide you. Believe in it, cause the power in the faith & optimism of your sprit will attract the matters you seek to attain.

Whatever space you are in, it is for a reason even if it feels like your overwhelmed & buried with turmoil & despair. Try looking at life from a perspective of where this stage in your life is the universe’s way of planting you like a tree in the ground. To gain roots, connections, wisdom and knowledge that could only be valued & taught while in this place. Don’t take anything for granted but be grateful for the life you lead & remember no matter what somebody is always watching, so it’s your job to always motivate & inspire through the chasing of your dream & hustle. Never stop & never settle but be reminded on every step up along this journey the lessons that brought you to this point. Lean on, depend & trust your inner self and as long as it’s connected to a higher power, it won’t lead you astray.

Peace & Blessings



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