Black Mental Health Matters Pt. 3

The Pursuit of Happiness

In honor of Black History Month, – & in honor of just being very black & very proud- it was only right that Shift Culture give you some more keys to remembering YOUR BLACK MENTAL STILL MATTERS !

Through my own journey I’ve learned that, while the mind is constantly growing stronger & evolving, these self improvement actions must be followed simultaneously in trifold over every area your life. Applying the same intentions to your mind, body, & spirit truly brings about a peace that surpasses all understanding.

To grasp the importance of this message you have to indulge in the importance of the number three. Looking back into our heritage & ancestry from Africa -whom we Praise for creating the numerical system and numerology- identified that the number three in its truest form represents completion & essentially the art of wholeness or making things whole.

For instance, the life cycle consists of birth, life & death. Also, often times you may hear the saying, “Third times a charm,” a genie in the bottle is rubbed & released to grant 3 wishes. Adding a dimension to a two sided shape, gives it 3-D ability & no longer a flat two sided figure but a shape with three dimensions. Even in the art of story telling there must be a beginning, middle & an end to every tale. In terms of measuring time one can say that there must be a past, present and future aspect to that measurement. Taking the time to simply acknowledge the uses & the different aspects of life as we know that comes in trifold is a monumental dynamic in itself.

While the number three is distinct in the universe, it also adds value to us as humans. Each person is made up of three components that of which are mind, body & soul. In a mental, physical & spiritual aspect in order to progress & evolve each of these things must be simultaneously improving.

The health of our physical body is actually wealth in adding days onto your life and correlates to keep everything at a stable level. Furthermore, spiritually you must understand that no matter what religion or spirituality you practice, there must be an acknowledgement & relationship with the creator. Based on my knowledge & resources I have curated a few consistent practices in each area of my life – & that of my company’s- that I know has elevated my own awareness & cleared a lot of gray & foggy areas that were blocking the VSN. I encourage you all to read & practice these ideas along with me.


1. Read Daily. Whether just an article about your favorite artist or favorite designer. Study and indulge each day in reading & understanding something new. If books overwhelm you, start small & work up towards completing a full novel. Do whatever works for you & your pace but gain knowledge daily.

2. Focus on the ‘why’ & do not give life to negativity. Our minds are at a constant battle of good vs. evil. The best way to cease that battle is to focus on solely the positive & controllable. Putting energy into the uncontrollable matters or negative aspects, will drive one insane. When things aren’t going how we expect, channel your mind on the purpose & the lesson that is to be learned.


1. Monitor the food & substances you put in your body. It’s very important that you develop enough self love & self respect to monitor what you intake in your temple. If you can’t place boundaries & tell yourself no to that 3 AM late night snack, then self discipline needs to be practiced.

2. Be consistent in physical activity. In order to see results, it will not take one night of exercise. One has to be willing to stick to a everyday regiment to gain results.

3. Set a health goal and work towards it. We often times set these goals for the New Year, which is great, but it takes more than wanting to accomplish these resolutions it has to be executed & followed up with continuous action.

4. Your physical body needs rest. Develop a healthy & consistent sleep routine so that your mind & body are trained to adequate amounts of restoration.


1. Indulge in your religion, spirit, and/or culture. It’s very important in everyone’s spiritual walk they understand the words in their spiritual or religious text to their own interpretation.

2. Take 30 min each to pray/meditate. No matter your religion or practice it is essential to create & manage a unique relationship with the creator. I recommend half an hour of alone time of communication with this deity for you, to gain and add much clarity & peace.

3. Find others that are encouraging & doing the same in their journey. As humans we have to work together to achieve our goals. In our society, divide & conquer should not be our mindset. Instead, unity & pulling each other up by any means should be our focus; truly genuine encouragement to KEEP GOING & NEVER GIVE UP.

I’m no expert, but in my years of life I have experienced an array of different circumstances that I have learned through & will continue learning as life goes on. However, I do know that I have seen an increase in my inner peace to begin 2018. In focusing on myself in all three areas, I have curated the true equation of what is TunnelVSN. Then, how it can be defined as vertically aligning and giving your all to powers higher than this world, yields for increase.

I hope that each day this year we can consistently say we have improved in some kind of way each day, so that we may understand what our VSN has called us to.

Peace & Blessings and remember to play the game, SHIFT the game & change the game.

Tunnel your VSN & Shift the Culture, your Black Mental does still matter but you as a person & your VSN matters to us as well.

T. VSN X out

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