TRILL SZN: Play the Game, SHIFT the Game, Change the Game


In the midst of this TRILL SZN, there are times when life may get foggy. This is the moment to defog the cloudiness that has manifested throughout the year. Trusting the process of growing & reaching higher goals comes with sacrifices, experiences (good and bad) & ultimately taking risks. Staying consistent with the intent of self-improvement within every action results in tremendous rewards. Those times that the VSN gets blurred & the path deters, many easily assume that we are meant to crumble and some even crash & fall by the side. The strong will survive and in that moment when our backs are against the wall & we decide to fight back, is when the universe notices & will match our efforts.

The teachings of our ancestors & ones own spiritual background, in some form or fashion, describes the Law of Attraction. That, in which, you attract the vibrations & energy that’s in & around your mental space and whatever that of which you input will become your output into the world. Therefore, by consistently learning, working hard & spreading overall positivity unto the world, it will eventually pay off & your shine will come. However, if you concentrate your mental capacity on the negative forces obstructing your goals, then those bad habits & negativity will float around your aura instead of positivity. Be mindful of the energy you project inward because in turn will effect what is put outward.

Ultimately, we have to understand that being connected & grounded in our everyday efforts takes a locked in mindset. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and celebrate each milestone, despite how minute. Staying true to the path & shinning your own light could impact the world. Don’t dim your light, instead use it to uncloud the path of those who have too encountered the fog. Remember, that the culture appreciates you, even when it doesn’t show it. If you continue shifting the culture, it will eventually pay off. Below you’ll see how this prominent athlete used his platform to be the light and spread positivity for those whose VSN has become blurred.

Colin Kaepernick

In the 2016-2017 NFL season, Kaepernick shocked the world by kneeling during the singing of the National Anthem. Protesting for the injustice of numerous unarmed killings by police officers to descendant of slaves spoke volumes. This King’s effort to express himself shook up the status quo & really portrayed the system in the light that needed to be shown. The strategy and stance Colin Kaepernick took fogged his path, causing the athlete to be blackballed from playing the game that he holds dear. This brother is the reason I still have not & will not watch a NFL football game until he is signed to a team. 

Teams around the country cooked up numerous excuses as to why they just didn’t want the “drama” that came along with the quarterback. Not realizing that they had catapulted this Nupe into being the ultimate People’s Champ. Blessing the people with countless good deeds & genuine offerings, the universe has returned him the favor. My fraternity brother, Colin Kaepernick, was featured as GQ Magazine Citizen of the Year 2017 and awarded the Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award for his work through his platform.

The brother has achieved a higher calling, and SHIFT(ed) our Culture. A great example of how in whatever walk of life we decide to embark on, we must play the game, SHIFT the game, & change the game. Colin Kaepernick has established creating a legacy of inspiration & achievements that stretches further than any sport accolade could imagine.
The revolutionary mindset to speak up so powerfully has shaken the dynamics of the professional sport realm as a whole. Trump was so shook by the impact that he has even used the NFL in his political tactics to cause division. But know that the real ones appreciate your true mission & purpose for sacrificing the game you know & love and your career. He whole heartedly supports the culture; his philanthropy receipts are unmatched.

In reality, whether he plays the game of football on a professional level again or not, the good brother has already impacted us & the generations to come in such a way that his work will not go in vain.

Even if Kaepernick was to stop his efforts today, it would be up to us that have the same burning desire to SHIFT the norm and carry that flame. Ultimately, unclouding the VSN for those to take notice that we are forever royalty. Always carry your crown as such Kings & Queens.

Peace & Blessings,



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