Trill SZN : Be Safe from the Boul$hxt

Be Safe Album Review

Wise Words from HOBBS, the Boul

Transition, is a key word that defines the TRILL SZN. The manifestation of the seeds you did or did not sow come to pass in this phase. Understand that the environment & space you are in is a result of your own actions taking ownership of that is the key. Remember that if you don’t like your situation move with intention & purpose to create your own situation.

In this TRILL SZN example one of my good friends, James Hobbs aka HOBBS, the Boul. Has blessed the culture with some wise words on how to, Be Safe in your creating & maneuvering through the transition phase in his own way. I was blessed to get my hands on the album early & let me tell you the artist has a statement. Hobbs is here to create his own lane & is here to stay, as long as he guards his focus. You hear the grind & work ethic of the young MC throughly in the whole tape. I’m proud to be able to write an album review for the soon to be classic Be Safe. You can find the album on all streaming platforms such as Apple Music,  Spotify & TIDAL, take a listen & indulge.

Be Safe is the statement, it gives us the whole album theme in one track. A real dark & soulful filled melody, that has a grimey Tri-State feel to it. The artist lends us his voice to give us a warning of “D’evils” a early ode to the very own great Jay Z, that are around during this season. Giving us the openness of admitting that the vices & temptations of society are alive & well. But the poised tone & composition of the artist reminds you to just be cool & stay safe during these times. The manage, create & own your own lane message conveys the most, with this introduction to the art.
Playa Playa is a track where you can literally hear & feel the inspiration HOV has had on the artist. It’s a nostalgic track that resembles the early feels of the Reasonable Doubt era of Jay Z. He reminds you on these verses he is in no way “immolating,” but creating a whole new sound. The whole album is a sonic classic as it is compiled of a lot of Jazz & soulful filled tracks, especially Runaround. Something you ride around to with that special person in your life, a song that paints a picture of pure bliss. Top down wind blowing hair in the breeze, is truly the picture, that perfect date night scene for this song.
Champagne Redezvouz is my man Hobbs 100 percent if you ever interacted in a social environment with the Boul. Real Pharrell classic like, super cool sounds that you catch a natural high from. This is that house party vibe, tonight is bout to be a movie tune. The track slows down & turns into shooting your shot time, sort of like the party is over & all you see in the room is that one you want. Hobbs paints a vivid scenario of champagne dreams & wishes with this one.
Guidance gives the listeners J.Cole before he got signed in his deal hunger with some insane bars throughout the whole track. You literally hear the pain spitting through the lyrics along with the ups & downs of the artists life in the rap game here. The humility of the artist is way ahead of his time to be in the game this early, his intentions & visions poured out throughout the album but especially this track.
Woke & Stuck are statements to the artist knowledge on the world & society. He urges the SHIFT of our culture to wake up & to not get stuck in the environments we are in, or the low points we see in life. Instead be a statement of change, growth & uniqueness. That society lines won’t hold this artist back from defining, that black excellence, black power & black economics is what the game and culture needs the most of right now.
Boul$hxt is Hobbs in his bag of tricks fully on a trunk thumping beat. He keeps a real poised calm everlasting flow, riding the whole track. The song is laced with the Philly Boul swag & bars. It rings as an anthem to the brand of the artist from listening to the first tape, Where’s the Boul Vol. 1. Here Hobbs confidence speaks high volumes in him knowing he created a dynamic tape. The last track Life Goes On, is a song of completion. In which the artist sheds his vulnerability to the world even more than before, giving us the brand in full effect. Hobbs openness in the last track leaves the listeners on edge for more to come from the young MC.

Overall the Philly artist curated a symphonic & sincere sound with his work on this album. Each track on Be Safe, has a different vibe & feel to it. Essentially still all fitting together seamlessly to create a unique sound. The transition into a style that the artist is comfortable & confident in is amazing to witness. The Boul is the definition of the Philly mantra in this era “Trust the process.” With all that’s going on negatively within that city seeing some more inspiration rise to the throne is a true testament to the culture.Hobbs is looking to put the city on his shoulders & it’s surely coming to past. Don’t sleep on this guys talent, Philly could have to look no further for their Meek Mill like hip hop inspiration & enthusiasts. It seems the West Philly native has it all mapped out.

Thank you for keeping it TRILL, & continue to shine your light King. Conquer your world & continue to pay it forward. We see you shifting the culture Hobbs, the Boul.

Peace & Blessings,


Stay tuned for more drops & features during TRILL SZN.


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