TRILL SZN : Talking That Real Sh*t

As the season changes, the leaves begin to die off. The daytime gets shorter, and the universe enters a season of change. In equal reciprocation, as these things change, so do people and so does our perspective. Don’t count anyone or anything out of changing during this time, from loved ones to relatives. In this time is when your feet staying ten toes down is really tested, how well are you truly able to adapt to these shifts happening? Are we truly grounded & really connected to that higher
Luckily, through our everyday battle, we have some victories in our culture to show triumph always comes to those that stay true. Staying grounded & connected through the losses has no other outcome but to equal the ultimate win. No matter what field of work your involved in, hard work pays off.
I am blessed to be able to discuss a few victories in the land of the TRILL that have inspired me. These victories have kept me motivated even when I didn’t want to be & I hope as a reader you can agree.
Now this part of TRILLville is no album review just an ode to one of my favorite MC’s for staying true to his brand & always curating inspirational vibes.






Witnessing the growth of the artist Big K.R.I.T. is the true definition of one of my favorite musical quotes,

“you gotta play it till the end, the only difference between a winner & a loser is a winner plays until he wins.” (Big K.R.I.T. – Boobie Miles, 2012).

If you haven’t heard, one of my favorite hip hop artist has dropped a “win,” with his new album, 4eva is a Mighty Long Time. Growing up in the south, I had no choice but to become a fan early on in the career of this southern lyricist. The word play that came along with the reincarnated Pimp C energy & bars over the bass knocking beats he flowed on was infectious. Over the years, the brand & timeless sound of the artist has never switched up. He, somehow, also never forgets to let his soul out on those rhythmic & slow vibing, make you think tracks he never holds us listeners out on. This album gives you that & so much more so I suggest that if you haven’t heard this classic, you are tripping.

The artist gives us a two-disc masterpiece in which he shows us all sides of himself through his art. The first half of the album, K.R.I.T., shows us why he will forever be written in music as a King Remembered in Time. Each track of the first side of the album holds a different dynamic, truly a variety of statements to his signature brand and sonic landscape. From him blowing the OG fan’s mind with yet another continuation of the My Sub series to actually flowing with the legendary UGK on Ride Wit Me, he literally showed us what he has been saying & been devoted to do since day one. He is putting the third coast on his back & showing the world them country boys still Kings in this rap game too.

Krizzle scales back the trunk knocking sonics and gets very personal in his lyrics on the Justin Scott side of the album that discusses real topics such as religion, the music industry effects along with living the life of fame & love. He keeps it TRILL in every aspect of the ups & downs as he always has & I never expected anything less from K.R.I.T. The whole project gives you inspiration knowing all the trials & the critics the artist went through within the industry yet still rising out with an untouched ever shining crown. We see you King. Keep speaking that life & speaking real.

Peace & Blessings.


Stay tuned for the next part of Trill SZN blog post series as we prepare for #TheRide to Defrost.



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