Destroy Before We Elevate

In a corrupt society that marks us guilty at our conception, our melanin features remind us of true power in our heritage. The system that we are battling is embedded in bigotry & corruption. We must understand it has to be dismantled before we can truly be seen as equals. Str888 up.

“I’m happy Donald Trump became the President, because we gotta Destroy Before We Elevate,” Rick Ross quoted in his latest, Rather You Than Me album. At first listen with my opinion on Trump becoming the President I was confused. I couldn’t understand what this line really meant, cause anything Trump stood for I was looking the total opposite way.

As 2017 comes down to its last few months & we have been blessed to be living through various catastrophic events that have taken place in the country, each event has seemed to lead to more & more destruction. While the person at the top, whose job is to be lead the nation through turmoil, is instead playing the antagonizer¬†. Understand y’all that there is still hope and if I learned anything from watching my hometown of Houston cope with Hurricane Harvey, I know that ¬†is a fact. Being inspired by seeing people of all backgrounds, races, & social classes work together with minimum government help was truly monumental.

Even if it was just for a moment, seeing people stick together for a greater common good puts it into perspective. We have to become to the change we want to see. Our voices & efforts of unity have to overcome any form of hatred toward one another. We literally have to destroy the hate & show that it will have no place for the elevation of our culture.

Through the power of us young King & Queens, our society must know that we are royalty and the ones they truly fear. Our ancestors created & cultivated everything we have on this Earth FIRST. Never forget the oppressors try to imitate & appropriate our entire CULTURE. Our black is that deep, that rich & that powerful. Bare your crowns with ease Kings & Queens. Elevate your mind & your efforts take it to new heights & levels.

Soar In Peace Kings & Queens,

Kung Fu X


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