Black Mental Health Matters Pt. 2


It’s crazy to think about how our parents used to tell us “don’t rush to be grown,” while we were young & innocent adolescents. At the time, it seemed like being an adult & being able to do adult things was
the ultimate goal. Not realizing the lesson that we had to learn in what they were forewarning us about. As we begin to take our hike on our own mountains of real adult life, we see that it wasn’t as easy as it
looked from a distance.

If you are like me your stuck in them, “20 somethings,” a very interesting & confusing time. People are starting their careers, advancing in their careers, switching careers, finding themselves, growing, and everyone is establishing what they will be doing to contribute to society. The toughest part I have found is truly figuring out where you fit in and defining that role. Sometimes in the walk of life we get stuck at place of discomfort and discourage, making things tough. Just know that we are always in certain phases of life for a reason, timing truly is everything. The only way to make it through those times is to keep a #TunnelVSN towards where you need to go. Below are a few tips on keeping that: 

1.Play your role & focus on the bigger picture, after you have found your passion & purpose,
work hard at it. Do not give up, have intention on reaching your ultimate goals. Your passion & what you really want to do in life is not for no reason, always pay it forward. Ultimately you never know who you can inspire down the line.
2.Write down your ultimate goals, literally write them or type them down, whatever you must
get to make it legible. Seeing your ambitions written down & being able to check things off a list is a
major bounce back. A great sense of relief & triumph that you are still working towards a bigger picture. Create major goals along with minor goals to reach those major goals so you are constantly on a check
and balance system.
3.Everyone has their own agenda. That statement I learned in college has happened to be one of the biggest real world lessons I have learned. Everybody has their own time clock, own desires & goals,
and ultimately a VSN of what their life will be. As they should, that is way of life we are all human, so it’s no sense in comparing agendas or timing, just do you.

Since my experiences hiking this summer I learned a lot of life lessons it was truly a microcosm of the bigger picture. Essentially your mission is to reach the desired destination, you don’t really know what you’re up against because Mother Nature rules the territory. Either way the goal no matter what on the trail is to get where you need to get & do what you have to do to return home.

In this situation you have to continuously tell yourself that you are moving with intention in every step of the journey, just as in life. All in all you have to encourage & find yourself, your own journey, & your own VSN . Words are very powerful tools if one uses them for self care & affirmations your mental outlook
on life will change.


Do not let society tell you otherwise protect & guard it as you must Kings & Queens.



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