#GetOutandDoSumn Summer 17 Adventures of Rae Edition  

I would like to welcome you all as I take you on a three stop journey throughout the adventures of Rae…..


Hiking Stone Mountain is what initiated the journey of this soon to be adventurous summer. Stone Mountain is located in Stone Mountain, GA consisting of 15 miles of hiking and walking trails, which includes a one mile trail to the top of the mountain. At first, I wasn’t too enthused about going hiking. I enVSNed (envisioned) myself passed out as the sun rays drained the life out of me. After a little persuasion, I decided, “this may not be too bad.” Upon reaching the mountain, I was finally fully ecstatic about what I was about to endeavor. I had my water, calm fit, and sunglasses nothing was going to stop me now. However, I thought wrong. After a few steps I was dead tired and thought about turning around but, luckily I had a group of friends that would not accept no for an answer. Clearly, the water was my best friend for the day. After, 3,851 steps alongside great encouragement I had reached the top of the mountain. At that very moment I felt peace and accomplishment as I looked at the beautiful view of the world around me.  This journey helped me learn a valuable life lesson, that no matter how much you want to give up continue to strive through the obstacles because they are only temporary and it will be beauty and success at the end of the journey. Also, to keep encouraging and positive individuals around to help push you to be the best. Lastly, always remember its mind over matter (shout out to Charisma www.thec-files.com).


Stop two of my adventurous summer, I decided to tend to my creative side. I went to three art museums (MOCA, Atlanta Contemporary, and The High Museum of Art). This is when I realized I definitely qualify as an artist and need to submit some artwork to the museum and that I want my house to look like a contemporary art museum. What I love about museums is the serenity and minimalism. The pieces allow room for interpretation and for the viewer to create his or her own story. Sometimes, less is more.


“Bikin’, I’m bikin’, I’m bikin’ slow-mo” Frank Ocean voice. Stop three was bike riding in Piedmont Park. This is something I encourage many to do, it’s fun and a semi workout. It felt amazing riding in the breeze and of course soothing my ears with the sounds of Frank Ocean x Biking, I imagine this is what birds feel like. It was very freeing and the park’s beautiful scenery made it even better. Just let go and be free.

Well that was the end of the beginning of my summer with much more to come. Don’t forget to #GetOutandDoSumn this summer.

– Rae


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