#GetOutandDoSumn Summer 17

Too many times we spend our weekends and down time either doing nothing, or just not exploring.

For the mental I find it very beneficial to travel, get out, & do new things. Yeah cookouts & parties with the gang is always lit. But you ain’t missing nothing, trust. For the most part you can get those moments back in your lifetime. Going to new places & trying different hobbies are a lot of times once in a lifetime experiences.

This will be first set of T.VSN #GetOutandDoSumn post stay tuned for more, from me & the whole team

White Water Rafting

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

Historic grounds in reference to the Civil War.
A location where West Virginia ,Virginia, and Maryland meet. Split by the mouth of the Portsmouth River & the Shenandoah River.
The beautiful & surreal moment of the experience is actually watching the currents of the river naturally change. The more & more upstream we traveled, you noticed the beauty & life in nature.
Took this trip with my family for Fathers Day as a check off the bucket list for Pops.



Del Water Gap, Pennsylvania/New Jersey 

Hiked a 4 1/2 mile trail 1200 ft in the air on the side of  Mt. Tamamany. Truly learned life lessons & connected with true inner peace mentally . Nature blocked out a lot of distractions & forces you to focus on the journey. Always staying true to the path & trusting your connection with universe. An Adventure you should do with someone or people that you know got each other through whatever, even when times get rough, as you should treat life.

So take it day by day y’all, step by step, &. lesson by lesson. We only got one life, one body, one mind, & one soul. Shine your light and take care of you & yours. And always Fly By Light.

-Kung Fu X


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