B.B.B. – A VSNary Perspective

       Big Baller Brand, is showing us what they meant in the movie, Straight Outta Compton (F. Gary Gray 2015) when they taught us that “all publicity is good publicity.”

       Having a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing, from the illustrious Hampton University, it’s only right I use my small bit of expertise to break down what I think about the Big Baller Brand. Not here to argue the character of the father & his son’s relationship because to each its own. Everyone supports & loves different, but my view is on the good & bad of the brand. As well as his impact on Shifting the Culture, remember that’s all it’s about.

       A general rule in any business or brand is that you must start off with a product or service in which you offer and/or sell that provides a need or solution for consumers. Once you begin with that you can now implement your marketing plan, which is the essential key to your success & continuing success in the business aspect.

       According to the Big Baller Brand, they are “a lifestyle apparel company founded on core family values, & inspired by 3 Ball brothers from Chino Hills, California,” (2017). The family sells athletic merchandise & product lines fit for a very unique but extremely profitable target base. From a marketing stand point the brand makes it fairly simply to understand their purpose, plan, & who they want in their gear. Through this post I want to look a little more advanced in the marketing sense as to what I feel are the strengths, weakness, opportunities, & threats the BBB brand is facing in the market.

S.W.O.T. Analysis, is actually the correct term in Marketing for analyzing companies & brands in those fields. For blog purposes the format will be kept pretty simple, but these can get very complicated & specific, trust me when I say this.


Headquarters for the brand is located where the family has established their brand name in Chino Hills, California which automatically gives the brand access to high spending power consumers. It has been found that “the cost of living in Chino Hills is 13% higher than the California average” as well as “55% higher than the national average,” (C2ER,2016). With the oldest Ball brother Lonzo pushing for a draft pick from the LA Lakers, along with the younger brothers committing to UCLA, similar to their older brother, it’s clear the family is aiming to keep the Ball brothers playing career in California as best as they can.

The Shift Culture aspect of the brand comes into play here in that Lavar Ball has created a Black owned athletic apparel business with high end merchandise. To capitalize on what brand ambassadors for major corporations have accomplished with their endorsements.


The high price margin on merchandise makes it difficult to fully capitalize on market potential. As an independent business it is not as easy to set a price point that satisfies all the customers one wishes to reach, while earning a profit. At the current time, even though the idea & thought of the brand is genius, none of the ambassadors are professionally playing basketball, making it hard to fully support the brand based solely on pure potential.

For instance, on the brands website you can purchase a pair of the signature ZO2’s at a price point of $495 & an autographed pair for $925. Each order placed with the company is stated as a “pre order set to ship off November 24th.” I assume that either means they want Lonzo Ball to be a professional athlete by the time orders really begin for the company or the family business is not mass manufacturing the shoes & could have a different process than those of established brands. Either way the recipe is still cooked up for success, with the Ball brothers playing at high levels.


As innovators the Ball family has created a new pathway for high priced merchandise in the athletic market for black owned business. In a time where the athletic market is controlled by major corporations & endorsement deals. Nike currently owns about 90% of the U.S. basketball shoe market, Time magazine reports (2015). After rejecting the endorsement contract offers from these big name companies, the Ball family has every opportunity to compete in the athletic apparel market with their own product line.


With all eyes on the family from the critics to the supporters, the pressure from the outside world. Actually could result in poor on court performance for Lonzo Ball. This would, in turn, threaten the brand by the customer base losing hope in the potential of the kids becoming superstars on a professional level. Another threat would be the actual performance of the brands products, specifically the advertised signature basketball shoe. If the shoe was to have malfunctions during performance, based on not being properly tested or if the overall design of the shoe is not accepted by it’s target market. Even if the brand simply can not get a color-way the fans fall in love with, they would have to face this threat as well.

So in the great words of the Houston legend Fat Pat, “Do you wanna be a BALLer!?” according to the brand everyone clearly can not be a “big baller.” With merchandise price points set, it is clear to see what Lavar Ball meant when he stated that. Even though I don’t agree with how the brand is innovating & creating, they are. As a fellow entrepreneur, you have to support this black man’s venture for his children. Just because the average American can not afford the merchandise, does not mean the company does not have customers.

So TunnelVSN sees & respect you for Shifting Culture, Big Baller Brand continue paving lanes. Check out their website bigballerbrand.com for more information on the company & to purchase merchandise.

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