Black Mental Matters

Our culture has forgotten about protecting the minds of ourselves & one another. Day after day we go through the “real world,” with a chip on our shoulder looking in the mirror & realizing the fear others see in our melanin tone. The fear that just because of the rich color of our skin, we are put in a stereotype, we are judged, and truly violated for just being us from a society that’s praying for our downfall, but yet we still rise. They want us to self destruct & become weak minded, to be new slaves. They wonder how we’ve accomplished & pushed through oppression for over hundreds of years. As a VSNary I can tell you that we have a powerful weapon that we must value & protect. It’s our stronghold, our secret stuff in this game of life & it can never be taken away:

The mind.

A truly sacred and valuable place. In the mind we create our VSN, we process, we think, & we learn. A lot of times we forget the power we have in the tool, but Tunnel VSN is here to remind you, the world needs your mental, your creativity, your vibes, & your VSN. We all have to do better at showing real & genuine love for each other’s mental. Not asking for handouts & feeling sorry for ourselves, but truly checking on one another is all it takes. Supporting someone’s dreams & aspirations is all it takes. 

In a generation that has pioneered social media, it’s rare to hear that the first thing one of us does upon waking up for the day is not checking our phone. We check for notifications, likes, interactions, & attention from our peers. Don’t get me wrong, in this day & age we created a need for social media being that we have transformed the information channel. But for this post I’m focusing on our social interactions & the “realness” of these virtual personalities we see on the daily. Does it really matter? If someone you call your friend via reality or social media was to tweet “pray for me,” would you respond? Would you send up a prayer? Or just keep scrolling? We focus so much on the wrong things about who is doing this & that on their page. But what are they doing in real life? Why do we look at virtual reality to solve our real life problems? To compare if we really made it or not? To define the if we found the real perfect “bae”? When it’s all not really real..

At this very moment I am using my writing art form to bring my own self out of depression. As a black male, society & even our upbringing can teach us to “be the tough guy,” “dry them tears.” But I’m here to tell y’all & tell myself ITS OKAY TO HURT. That’s not going out sad, we got feelings & emotions too. It’s how you respond after being bruised that determines how tough you are. Everybody takes losses, it’s life, and the ups & downs are bound to take you on a ride but we always have to keep our head up. Trust me I could name some major L’s I’ve taken over the last five years, & throughout my life but you must fight the good fight and I’m here to tell you to keep going. If you can be grateful for anything in your life at the moment, you are straight. It might not feel like it, but you pushing through your hurt is going to bless someone else. This is the type of energy we have to circulate and curate. 

There are solutions & vices I have personally experienced & witnessed going through life that we as a culture, in our nature turn to. This is a totally no judgmental space because I too use these solutions & vices as stated before. But it’s about protecting our richest possession in our culture.


 1. Talk it Out: You have to find at least one person that you can at least process and talk through how you feel. If you don’t have anyone, there are anonymous resources & there’s nothing wrong with counseling sessions to vent. If not, we’re here, you can write in a comment if need be, just let it out.

2. Music: Whether it be Gospel, Kanye West, West African, DipSet, 2Pac, Future, Jay – Z, K Dot, Dee Ace, J. Cole, Jhene Akio, SZA, etc. vibe out. Let it speak the words that you can’t and trust me, it works.

3. Expand Your Knowledge: Reading, writing, and learning is truly therapeutic. Watching a documentary, starting a new read, or just writing down your thoughts honestly but whatever you do, learn something, grow, expand, and elevate.

4. Get Active : Exercising, yoga, or any physical activity will free up a lot of stress & foggy VSN.

5. Hobbies: Do something that you really enjoy doing that gets your mind of things. Play a video game, grab the sticks & pop in the 2k you’ll be surprised what even a small win like that will do. 


They come with a warning and though they do work, the results are in most instances not long term but they seem so right at the time.

1. Drugs & Alcohol : From a smoke of Mary, to hard drugs, to a 5th of henny, or a 40 oz. we run to these for the temporary high & good feeling to literally fly away from the worlds issues. Then when it’s all gone or it’s the next day it’s the re-up that causes the dependency of these things which then becomes an addiction.

2. “Fake Love” : A lot of times we go out to try & have a good time while going through it and to be around some love & vibes. But at the end of the night you still end up alone & those folks you just turnt up and had a good time with are on their own agenda too. These same people that just got belligerently drunk with you, probably don’t even  know you are going through it, one. Then two, those same folks won’t even check to make sure you are alive after the scene y’all were at together (stop hanging with people like that).

So all in all vices may range at separate times but on most occasions they roll hand in hand. So stay woke.

So truly my best advice on guarding your mental is in one’s spirituality & peace. The mind truly is a battlefield, constantly at work. The choices & things you chose to bring into your energy all comes from the mind. Take time to to meditate, reflect, & prepare each day so that positive energy surrounds you. 


T.VSN X Out 


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