Get Out – A VSNary Perspective

Jordan Peele gave the world a story that was needed to keep the culture woke. A film with such a easy to follow,easy to understand plot. Makes it simpler to help the clueless out there get a perspective of our everyday life struggles in society when the film takes its dark twist. A film with so much symbolism & true suspense that literally every time you watch the film you at some point are yelling to Chris “GET OUT,PLEASE GET OUT.” Side note if you have not seen the movie yet, oh no what is you doing baby?! It’s 2017, this one was worth my two trips to the movies but come on use your googles guys. But if you haven’t seen it & don’t want any spoilers I would stop reading this one here..

     So in this film Jordan Peele put in so much great effort to create a true horror story environment & feel. With everything from the jump being a very dark & creepy vibe. With the character Andre, we meet later on in the film in the sunken place, getting kidnapped in a suburban neighborhood while clearly lost. 

      To the screen jumping to the main theme page with the song for the title playing and the same song plays at the end of the film. The song’s lyrics are actually, “Siikiliza Kwa Wahenga,” which translates from Swahili to “listen to your ancestors,” & in all honestly the whole song means “something bad is coming, run.” So just like that within the first 10-15 minutes of the film Jordan Peele subconsciously put our heritage in our mental with warning signs & prepared you for the unknown with a brother getting kidnapped in the burbs the clearly did not belong there, that ain’t normal. We could go on with the symbolism in the film all day because there is so much for now we will save it for another time..

     But I think my favorite part of the movie, was the ability as a writer and artist for Jordan Peele to be able to literally place your emotions and own character in the film. As a fellow artist and aspiring writer, you aim to always capture the audience. Watching this film there was so many times I said “man if that was me, yupp I would have left right then,yooo BEAT HIS/HER ASS get out of there!” He used every element he could to create emotions & feels for every time you watch the movie. 

     The overall message that I took from the film was that it was a modern day relatable portrait showing our culture and the horrors we had to go through that have passed to the issues we still face currently. The true everlasting horror story in this horror film, is that in this society every day the dominant race does not see with our eyes and truly want to be us so bad that we are envied. Get Out was a a very microcosmic view of how we were forced into slavery literally slaughtered on top of brainwashed, or hypnotized as you would say about the characters. But he used the film to show that at the end of the day the majority race of people enslaved our ancestors & to this very day we still are fighting the same fight on a new stage,new playing grounds, new players, but same sick system.

     That’s why we must Shift Culture y’all & really elevate they don’t want to see us soaring. They want us trapped in the sunken place, to where we are zombies that just operate for the means of profit or gain for others, & not ourselves.

They want us to not think, not be smart, not spread knowledge, not to network, not to use all our recourses, not to start that book, or that business, that brand, that Blog. But as a VSNary I’m telling you Shift Culture & Elevate 2017, and it’s only up from there. Stay Blessed 

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Xavier Eaves 

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