About the Shift Culture Blog

What’s up y’all, & welcome to the Shift Culture blog. This is a spot where we are going to keep vibes and words genuine & authentic on all levels but really discuss the ways of elevation for our culture. Through the angles of lifestyle, sports, music, fashion, travel, black owned enterprises, & food. From my experiences & point of view of our society the only way we can shift & elevate the culture is through the wealth & spread of knowledge. So through these discussions I hope all readers gain a new view or perspective on the culture for their own VSN. 

I will advise my topics will be geared to my peer group as young black professionals & mature audiences. So just some brief house rules before we get in to the real. But once again thanks for the support & use your Tunnel VSN to Shift the Culture & let us help one another elevate. Blessings 

Stay tuned for the post next week to hear my review on the movie of the year “Get Out,” in the meantime thanks for tuning in. Check the rest of website & be blessed.

Yours truly, 

TunnelVSN X


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